Lose Weight In 3 Days

Advising people to lose weight and losing weight yourself are two different propositions. People fail to lose weight because they have unrealistic expectations like losing 5 kg body weight in a week’s time and they do not plan their weight loss program in an efficient manner. Thus they lose hope and get back to their normal lifestyle. Can you lose weight in 3 days? Most people would be skeptical when answering this question but many weight loss experts feels that this is an achievable target. But for the skeptics is how you can shed three kilograms of weight in three days.

Basic Guidelines

If you want to Lose Weight In 3 Days need to follow the basic guidelines explained below which are:

Lose Weight In 3 Days1.    Plan your weight loss program

Most of us fail to lose weight as we do not have a realistic plan with us. When you plan your weight loss program you are preparing your mind with expectations and this makes you win the challenge already. When planning you also have to understand your own body’s limitation and what are the things that you can use to your best advantage. Here you would also need to evaluate the current condition of your health by consulting with an expert.

2.    Make a small beginning

If your body has been exercising for some time you can start your weight loss workout with an hour of exercise. But if your body has never exercise an hour of exercise on the first day would make you suffer from body aches and exhaustion. Depending on the situation you can start your exercise program of ten minutes per day and then increase it gradually. This would build your body’s stamina and your fat would start burning too.

3.    Stick to the program

Initially your Lose Weight In 3 Days program would seem very difficult but you should not give up. Keep yourself focused and exercise daily even when your body aches and you feel discomfort. Once you start exercising daily you would enjoy comfort and enjoy exercising.

4.    Eat a well balanced diet

When you are on your weight loss program do not diet as this will affect the condition of your body. Here you would need to eat healthy food like green leafy vegetables, nuts and milk. You can contact a dietician and plan your calorie intake on a daily basis. A low calorie diet with good workout would help you to lose weight easily.

Carrot Diet Program

After you have head and hectic wedding celebration and enjoyed good food, you can have this carrot diet and shed around three kilograms in 3 days.

The main carrot salad recopies are:

Carrot Salad-1

Things you would need

•    Carrots 1 kg
•    Lemon 1
•    Honey 1 tablespoon

Method: Grate the carrot and add the honey and the lemon juice. Stir the salad. You can eat this salad three times a day with your 8 glasses of water. In the morning you can also have low calorie yoghurt or a glass of skimmed milk.

Carrot Salad-2

Things you would need

•    Carrots 1 kg
•    Low calorie Mayo ½ cup
•    Lemon juice ½ tbs
•    Maple syrup 1 tablespoon
•    Salt to taste

Method- Pour the carrot in a salad bowl and mix all the ingredients into it well. You can also add some salt and add green lettuce to add color to this tasty salad.

When you have these carrot salads you would enjoy great health benefits. Carrot is rich in antioxidants and this protects you from suffering from any cardiovascular health problems. Consumption of carrot also improves your eyesight especially your night vision. Carrots protect you against cancer and help you to enjoy good skin throughout the year.  Therefore in the end you would lose 3 kilograms of weight plus enjoy an enhanced immunity system which would make you healthy and fight against the free radicals present in your body. This would be a win-win condition for you.